5 Best Online Course Platforms For Free – An Ultimate Guide

best online course platforms for free

Seeking for the best online course platforms for free? Teaching an online course is a wonderful method to leverage your expertise and earn a passive income at the same time. It does not matter what you are doing best hand-lettering, coding, writing and marketing or anything in between, you will get scores of enthusiasts and professionals eager to learn from you.

What Are The Best Online Course Platforms For Free?

There are two types of tools like course creation software and course marketplace. These are the part of the list in the marketplace. These are great to customize the landing page of the course. All the best online course platforms for free help you publish your course online for free but take a share of course sales.

Academy of Mine

This is one of the best online course platforms for free and it provides end-to-end solutions compatible with Windows. It is an online learning management system that offers Course publishing, interactive content. Instructor-Led Courses, business and others at one place. This toll is good for quiz generation, tests, assessments and video conferencing. It is available with PowerPoint conversion, SCORM compliance and simple processing methods.

You can design your learner portal with the use of this program because it offers alerts. This is one of the best online course or tool that is positively wonderful and 100% responsive on all types of devices like smartphones and desktops. In this way, all your customers can get the benefit of your virtual class on any device. 

The toll is useful to design a website that is 100% safe and secure from all kinds of threat. Therefore, you can manage all your courses in one place. You will like this all-in-one e-learning adaptable program. For the professionals, it offers plenty of features, and all these traits make it ideal for the majority of the developers. 


You can take the assistance of the customer supports any time because they help you with technical assistance. On the other hand, their payment policy is clear, and it is your choice which payment method, you choose to pay like cash transferring through bank, credit or debit card.

This is one of the best online course platforms for free so you can get free registration online. Inquiries are made 24/7 as per the Academy procedure andthe Kajabi platform. For e-commerce users, it contains PayPal and strives. Therefore, the user will nor redirects his customer away from the website. The platform offers an easy and smooth experience for both the customers and users. It is one of the most efficient platforms.


best online course platforms for free

Without technical support, no business is successful today. Implementation of information technology to your business will improve business growth. During the development of your course and website, the customer support of the LearnDash platform solves your problem immediately. You need to integrate your course development services, printing material and application onto an environment that is a server-based. It is significant for your business for the quick data store, data access, data security and manageability. With LearnDash team, you can save your time, and they help you to work on the recent copy.

You can be a successful business owner and able to earn online with this platform. This is one of the best online course platforms for free that offer convenience of changes and updates to all its users. It is good to get the best results in twice the amount of performance. With this tool, you can design your course and get one size that is according to your requirements. This platform helps you make changes by logging in. Its updates are available on all your gadgets from the mobile, tablet and computer. Save your time to run your business in a better way with the one size web design.

Learn World

Every user needs computer protection and enhanced Data. The customer support ensures you that at the central servers, your statistics is secure, encrypted and safe. In this way, you can improve your business by satisfying your clients with a professional course. The platform is ideal for offering productivity reports and Access Restrictions.

Increase your worker’s productivity with the help of this platform because the best online course platforms for free help you design all training courses with videos. With the help of its system, you can easily manage your websites, application, printing, File access and Audits and control entire Data centrally.


You must monitor your designed material. The customer support will set up your server and let you monitor and manage your print material. It is good for archiving needs, emails and other processing. As an online course developer, you need to know about modern tactics in the education industry. Implementation of modern technology is highly important to meet the challenges of the modern eLearning industry.

With a powerful strategy, the use of agile technology and managed IT solution, Podia improves your business growth by offering solid development and zero transaction fees. In this way, you can make your educational site a brand worldwide without using traditional ways. The IT and technical support of the best online course platforms for free boost your business growth.

With the help of efficient tools and modern equipment as well as technical guidance, they repair your site development faults. It means that we are well-versed with modern technology. The technical support team will help you to restore Services and Centralized Backup.

Being a course designer or a website developer, you really need it. Keep your records confidential and get your data security. Data loss is very common today because of certain reasons. But, best online course platforms for free provide you with a solid centralized Backup solution.