5 Historical Attractions in Cambodia for History Lovers

historical attractions in Cambodia

Cambodia is a region that is popular due to its steep history. It will stretch you back to the splendid Angkor Empire. Several historical attractions in Cambodia will lead you towards the rich history of the country.

historical attractions in Cambodia

When is the Right Time to Visit Historical Attractions in Cambodia?

If you want to visit the country, the right time to visit the region with the low fare is in March. December is the most expensive month for you to visit the area. You will notice price changes because of some factors like airports, departure times, expensive airlines, booking in advance, or others. However, November to February is the best time to visit Cambodia.

Magnificent temples are historical attractions in Cambodia. So, the majority of tourists want to visit the country. There is much more to explore here. The capital of Cambodia is a bustling city that is a, well-developed city with beautiful skyline buildings. You will enjoy shopping opportunities, great cuisine, and architecture. You can make your trip memorable by following cambodia travel tips for first time visitors.

Some of the important sites to visit in the city are given below.

Angkor Wat

There is no match for the state of preservation and beauty of Angkor Wat. Hence, this is the historical places in Cambodia. Its magnificence and mightiness bespeak a luxury and a pomp surpassing that of the world’s best constructions. It is a vast area to visit and is hard to grab when walking through the monuments. Its beauty and complexity both distract and attract tourist’s attention. It contains a colossal stone mass on one level.

This is the place that offers beauty and spectacular views. Modern architects use floral designing as per the requirements of modern trends. These architects prefer graceful designs to improve the attraction of the building architecture. It is a public picnic place. You can access the area on public transport and taxi as well. It can be a more budget-friendly option for the majority of people. 

But there are several other reasons why you need to take the rental car with a private driver if you are new to the area.

Preah Vihear

The temple of the Sacred Mountain has been at the center of the conflict for several years. This feature also makes it valuable in the hearts of several Cambodians. This is the place that offers beautiful views for the majority of nature lovers since it is one of the best Cambodia historical sites.

Moreover, most people access the location on public transport and private taxis. If you are new to this area, you should hire a taxi or car with a driver for the whole day to avoid any inconvenience. It is not easy to visit the entire area in some hours. Your private car allows you to ride comfortably after a hectic day. Your private driver helps you explore relaxation and make your travel a breeze.

Bokor Mountain

In Kampot, Bokor Mountain is the famous spot that delivers an amazing insight into the heyday of Cambodia. Your trip on the mountain is about 40 kilometers. You will enjoy this trip because there are several things to explore here such as Boker Hill station, Church, hotels and many more. You can enjoy sitting hotels that offer beautiful views since this is a cambodia famous landmark.

Furthermore, do not choose the busiest travel days of the year to visit the area since this place needs your time to explore many things and the city’s history. For this purpose, you must come here in the morning and spend the whole day here. To get access to the destination, you can use public transport, or it is good to use a taxi from your hotel or residence far from here. Most tourists like to come here by taxi, and they leave the conveyance because they visit the place for the day.

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

Visiting this museum allows one to delve into Cambodia’s history and past. Deaths are linked to the museum, making it historically notable. Due to torture at this location, people have lost their lives. Survivors were guided to the nearby Choeung Ek.
You can see dots of torture tools and blood on the walls. Wall portraits contain images of additional prisoners. Survival is possible for just seven men within this torture cell. It is here that every other prisoner has passed away. Due to its dark past, it has become famous. The appeal of this region lies primarily with people who possess a thrilling and curious nature. Exploring the olden days of the country is the right option for them.


In short, all historical attractions in Cambodia are evidence of the diverse and rich heritage of this Southeast Asian nation. From the awe-inspiring Angkor Wat Complex with its magnificence and intricate carving to the haunting reminders of the Khmer Rouge regime at the Killing Fields, Cambodia offers a profound journey through time. This is the best place to visit for all the history lovers.