Blood Blister on Lip Treatment Causes & Remedies 

Blood Blister on the lip

Most people experience oral blisters, but they do not know about them. A blood Blister on lip can be uncomfortable and unsightly. Most of the time, oral blood blisters appear due to accidental injury to the oral tissues. There are some other causes that it appears and does not heal. However, it is not harmful or a severe health condition. Learn more about these wounds in the below lines.

What Does a Blood Blister on the Lip Mean?

It is a sore in the mouth and a raised skin area that contains other fluid and blood. A blood blister in lip appears when vessels of blood rupture under the skin and blood from the vessels gather under the skin. It is a wound similar to the blood-filled sac that happens when the skin’s upper layer is injured. Blood comes from the injured tissue, and it can be seen clearly.

Sometimes blood vessels under the bruised skin rupture, and blood fills it by creating a bubble called a blood blister. However, the blood blister on lip is not because of blood clotting or other disorder, and it is not a serious health condition. It is a common benign and sudden onset blood blistering mouth disorder.

What Causes Blood Blisters on Lips?

There are different causes of blood Blister on lip including vitamin deficiencies, diabetes, low platelet count, alcohol abuse, oral cancer, oral herpes, renal failure, and poorly fitted braces and dentures that lead to the development of mouth blood blisters. Radiation and chemotherapy drugs can produce oral blood blisters. Learn more about these reasons in the below lines.


Blood blisters develop due to oral trauma, including piercing soft tissues with sharp food, burning with warm food, biting your lips, and others.


There are different allergies that a patient may have due to medicines and specific foods. Most people are allergic to astringents such as mouth wash and pastes, cinnamon flavoring, and acidic foods. These things irritate the oral lining and cause blood blister development.


Platelets develop blood clots as they are the blood cells. Due to any reason such as pregnancy, or other medications such as anticonvulsants and antibiotics, the number of the platelets comes down. This condition is famous for the name of thrombocytopenia. It produces blood blisters.

Angina Bullosa Hemorrhagic

It is a particular blood blister type, and only 0.5 percent of people have blood blisters. In medical terms, it is famous for the name Angina Bullosa Hemorrhagic. It is a rare disorder that suddenly erupts the oral soft tissues and leads to painful blood blisters. It stays for a few minutes and then ruptures spontaneously.

cold sore, fever blister, or herpes virus on the lip of an unfortunate male. hsv-1 Herpes labialis

Blood Blister on Lip Treatment

Most of the time, these blood blisters disappear quickly, and no medical cure is necessary. It is very easy to manage at home with simple remedies and some precautions if it is minor. Moreover, we can treat it with some precautions. However, there are some conditions you need to see your doctors for medical treatment.

  • If the blister is large and interferes with breathing or swallowing.
  • It does not heal up in two weeks.
  • If your blood blister is painful, then you need medical assistance
  • Is it recurrent? Your doctor will examine it.
  • Are there any infections, pus, or other fluid that comes out? This is a condition that needs medical treatment.

You will get some special gels and ointment to treat minor blood blisters on the market. If these are not infected, you will find it simple and easy to cure with the help of ointment and oral gels. You can read more about Blood Blister in Mouth here.

Blood Blister on Lip Remedies

To treat it, you must focus on the following remedies. It will heal up soon and prevent you from the infection. If blood blister on lip won’t go away, you must see your doctor.


It is the best way to reduce the inflammation and heal the wound quickly after the injury. You can apply the ice cube directly to the wound for 10 minutes. Repeat icing several times to reduce pain and swelling. 

Cucumber Slices

It contains Silica that is ideal for healing and regeneration. Place a small slice on the affected area several times a day. A small blister on lip can cause burning and inflammation, so using the cucumber slice can reduce this burning. Drinking cucumber water is helpful for healing.

Apply turmeric paste

It is a common herb in the kitchen and a strong antiseptic and anti-biotic. It treats inflammation and pain. Apply the turmeric paste on the affected area twice and thrice a day. Please look at our other post on Negative Health and Fitness Advertisements.


It is famous for its soothing properties so that it gives relief from inflammation and promotes healing.

Final Words

The blood Blister on lip is very easy to cure with home remedies. It cures in two weeks, but home remedies can help prevent infections. Most of the time, these blood blisters appear due to other health conditions, so that it is essential to treat the specific health problem.